Frequently asked questions.

What is YGOscope?

YGOscope tracks statistics and analyses data from online Yu-Gi-Oh! Matches.

This enables you to draw deeper insights on gamestate, as well as track your own progress and games.

How can I find my profile?

Just type in your Duelingbook username on the search bar, and click on your profile name when the search is done.

What are the limitations to the platform?

We get our data from logs, and therefore can only track plays that are public knowledge. We can't get data on your decks or cards in hand.

Are there any future plans to the site?

Of course! We're continuously developing and testing new features all the time. If you would like to see any features on the site, please let us know at We aim to prioritise adding features that add value to analytics of the game, adding to the usefulness of the data.

Can I get involved?

Email us at We can discuss further!

Who created YGOscope?

YGOscope is created and run by Sunny and Jordan.